The Blog has been discontinued

The LCU has decided to discontinue the blog with immediate effect.

I have started a thread on the chess forum so that those who posted on the blog and those who read the blog can mourn/rejoice and discuss what, if anything, should succeed the blog.

LCU Novices league – big success

Congratulations to the LCU executive, especially Pat Fitzsimons, Gerry Smith, Ciaran Quinn, Peter Scott and Maura Osborne for running what proved to be a fantastic leagues for the more juniors members in our league structure.

FIDE ratings

Sean Hewitt asked me to start a thread on this subject so here it is.

Junior Chess

As a Junior Officer I wanted to create best ambiance junior chess growth and development.

My plan was

Lowering Standards

I can’t help but notice the large amount of low rated players in the top sections of the recent Cork and Ennis Congresses and the scarcity of 1900-2100 players. I did argue long and hard that the annoying trend of waiving rating requirements which was creeping in to Irish chess like bindweed in a flower garden was going to result in falling numbers attending tournaments and a lowering of standards but the majority didn’t agree with me. I for one just don’t bother with many tournaments I used to always attend and I am clearly not the only one who has been driven away. Sad to see that my prediction is coming true.

Underage training squads

So after the ICU announced closed panels for the Glorney training sessions – panels which players pushed themselves to be included in, travelling long distances to play in full weekend tournaments – it seems that the whole process has been undermined with the inclusion of extra players who don’t meet the selection criteria. Their inclusion is on the basis of having paid, and being in a club which the Junior Officer is involved in.

European Individual Chess Championship

Two top seeded Russian players Dmitry Jakovenko (2731) and Evgeny Tomashevsky (2719) have been performing below expectations so far as after 6 rounds their scores are 3.5 and 3 respectively.

Unfortunately there are no irish players in the tournament….

Chess Documentaries

Malahide Millennium/Leinster Championships 2013 Results

Results are as follows:


=1st Krasimir Rusev GM
Momchil Nikolov GM 5/6
=3rd Juri Firstov (Leinster Champion)
Ralf Akesson GM 4.5/6


=1st Sean Nolan (Leinster Champion)
Gerard Wallace
Kieran Rogers
Colm Fitzpatrick
Gerard Buckley 4.5/6


Malahide Millennium/Leinster Championships 2013 Update

We’ve has a couple of teething problems with the DGT board, but as it’s our first go I’m sure you’ll forgive us!!

Draws for round 5 with total scores so far:


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