Rules for players and teams participating in the LCU Leagues
An Cumann Fichille Laighean
The Leinster Chess Union is the body responsible for promoting and organising chess in the Province of Leinster, Ireland.
LCU Christmas Blitz
13-Nov-2019  The 2019 LCU Christmas Blitz takes place on the 11th of December in the Ierne Sports and Social Club, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Home of Elm Mount. The entry fee is €5 & registration is from 7.45pm.
Gorey Withdraw from Bodley South
20-Sep-2019  Gorey have withdrawn from the Bodley South. Please see revised fixtures as a result of this.
Blanchardstown Change Game Night To Monday
20-Sep-2019  Teams in Division 1, 4, 6N are asked to review the league fixtures as Blanchardstown have changed club night to Mondays.
Rathmines O'Hanlon Change Club night to Thursday
19-Sep-2019  Rathmines Div 4 Team have edited their club night to be Thursday. Please see the amended league fixtures for any alterations.
Rathmines B withdraw from BEA South
19-Sep-2019  Rathmines B have withdrawn from the BEA South. Dun Laoghaire have been promoted in their place. Please see the new fixtures list for changes. Changes have also been made to the Bodely South as a result of Dun Laoghaires promotion.
Team Declerations
12-Sep-2019  Captains are reminded to submit their teams before playing their first fixture as it needs to be processed before it will become available to enter the match results. This can be done through the Match Results Service. Any captains without a login or experiencing difficulty can contact the league's controller.
September Rating List
10-Sep-2019  It is the September ratings list used for the leagues and not the Live list. The City of Dublin did not effect the September list, and therefore will not be taken into account.
Cavan withdraw from Ennis
08-Sep-2019  Cavan have withdrawn from the Ennis. All teams are asked to look at the changed schedule resulting from this.
Bodley North / South 2019-2020
13-Aug-2019  All teams wishing to continue in the Bodley (North or South) are asked to contact the Leagues Controller to confirm the pairings. Any club seeking to enter a new team is requested to do the same. The deadline for entrants is Friday 16th of September 2019.
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There are 31 clubs affiliated to the Leinster Chess Union. Here you will find addresses, meeting times etc. and a Google map showing each club's location.
Results of each player who has played in the leagues since 2003. ICU rated players have a chart of their rating since 2000.